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Since 2012, Esentico has been applying the requirements of HACCP standards regarding its business (producing, manufacturing, packing and distributing dietary supplements). The purpose of the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is that the food or food supplements sold for customers would not cause any harm for human health.

The essence of HACCP system can easily be summarized:

  • Every producer and distributor of foodstuff must be aware of what type of harmful materials can get into the products while manufacturing;
  • They also need to know how technology affects these harmful materials during the process of manufacturing;
  • They need to take action in order to avoid the infiltration of harmful materials into foodstuff; or what to do if it already has happened – what kind of technology is necessary to terminate them or to at least decrease their amount
  • They need to have their own internal audit system to achieve the above-mentioned goals

Download the PDF file of HACCP certification.